ELB Capital

ELB Capital Management LLC ("ELB") was founded by Eric L. Blum to provide capital and business consulting to entrepreneurs and senior executives making the transition to entrepreneurship. Mr. Blum has been a private investor and business consultant for more than 40 years. Prior to forming ELB, Mr. Blum was the Founder and Managing Member of FB Capital Partners, LP. Mr. Blum currently serves on the boards of Specialized Industries, Seagrave Fire Apparatus and Energex Biofuels, Inc.

In 2008, Joseph D. Kestenbaum, a private investor and entrepreneur, acquired a 50% interest in ELB. Mr. Kestenbaum has over 30 years of marketing, finance and operational experience. Mr. Kestenbaum currently serves on the board of Energex Biofuels, Inc., Specialized Industries and Seagrave Fire Apparatus.

Joseph A. Breen, Jr. is Chief Operating Officer of ELB Capital Management, LLC. Immediately prior to joining ELB, Mr. Breen served as Chief Financial Officer of FB Capital Partners, LP, the private equity firm founded by Eric Blum. Mr. Breen holds a B.S. in Accounting from LaSalle University.

ELB owns 100% of Marsh Hawk Capital Management, LLC ("Marsh Hawk") which provides management services to ELB.

ELB announced it is no longer making new investments but is focused exclusively on maximizing the value of its last remaining portfolio companies, Seagrave Fire Apparatus and Energex, Inc.